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Acharya Kapil Sharma: An Introduction

Acharya Kapil Sharma is the most sought-after expert in the field of Vedic Astrology. He has formally learnt Vedic Astrology, Vedic Karmkand and been initiated into Holistic Systems of Karmic Healing.

He is an excellent facilitator backed by deep conceptual and practical knowledge in the function of Self Empowerment, and is familiar with emerging concepts and tools. Subjects like Power of the Subconscious Mind, Self Development, Human Psychology and Tools of Success are his forte. He is constantly studying and researching them.

His forecasts have achieved unparalleled success worldwide. In a short time, he has established himself as the master of the Indian system of Vedic Astrology and is constantly in demand by clients all over the world. His reputation has been enhanced by the various accurate predictions and forecasts made by him over the years. He is involved in a continuing and comprehensive study of the similarities and differences between the Vedic and Western forms of Astrology – how they sometimes result in similar forecasts for a single individual. Another interest of his is the synchronicity between human behaviors and cosmic forms – how events which are apparently unconnected and unlikely to occur together by chance, do occur together in a meaningful manner.

Acharya Kapil Sharma is consulted by people of various age groups, and professional backgrounds. Doctors, Chartered Accountants, CEOs, Business Owners, Management Consultants, Software Engineers, Sports Professionals, Educationists, Students, Housewives, Senior Citizens and even Healers resort to him. The questions usually put to him come under the following heads:

Services Provided by Acharya Kapil Sharma:

01. Vedic Match Making
02. Vedic Prasna – One Question
03. Vedic Business Compatibility
04. Vedic Medical Astrology
05. Vedic Muhurta – Election Astrology
06. Vedic Astro-cartography – Relocation Astrology
07. Vedic Gem Prescription
08. Vedic Pre and Post Natal Astrology
09. Vedic Personality Profile
10. Vedic Money Matters
11. Vedic House Building
12. Vedic Building Business Premises
13. Vedic Education – Career Path
14. Vedic Agriculture & Farming
15. Vedic Neutralization of Adverse Karma & Yogas
16. Vedic Pleasure Journey – When to travel?
17. Vedic Business Journey – When to travel?
18. Vedic Success in Lotto, Lottery – When ?
19. Vedic Horse racing – Stakes are High!
20. Vedic Profession – Discovering your Potential!
21. Vedic Namakaran – Choosing the right name.
22. Vedic Court Matters – When to file law-suits?
23. Vedic Court Matters – Will I win this court case?
24. Vedic Marriage – Determining the date?
25. Vedic Sex Life – How to perform better!
26. Vedic Longevity Calculation
27. Vedic Birth Chart Rectification
28. Vedic Garbhadhana Samskara (Child Conceiving)
29. Vedic Installing of a Deity at Home/Business
30. Vedic Telephone Consultation
31. Vedic Corporate Compatibility
32. Vedic Employee Compatibility
33. Vedic Guru Mantra Samskara
34. Vedic Panchang / Almanac
35. Vedic Vrat Viddhi (How to observe fasting)
36. Vedic Pacification of Kalsarpa Yoga (Very simple)
37. Vedic Pacification of Sade Sati (Very simple)
38. Vedic Pacification of Mangalik or Kuja Dosha
39. Vedic My Raja Yogas – Uniqueness of the Soul!
40. Vedic Love and Romance: When?
41. Vedic My Progeny aspects: When?
42. Vedic Pilgrimage – In search of the miraculous!
43. Vedic Assets and Liabilities.
44. Vedic Vastu Guidance
45. Vedic Karmic Remedy Yagna (once in a life time)

Acharya Kapil Sharma also holds an MA Degree in Science of Living from Jain Vishwa Bharati University and Jyotish Rishi from AIAFS, India. He is an alumnus of the reputed Maharshi Sandipani Ved Vidya Pratisthan, Ujjain and has done masters in Karmkand from Maharshi Ved Vigyan Vishwavidyapeeth, Allahabad. With more than 10 years of experience with large and well-known companies in the corporate world, and an equally impressive expertise in reading the future, Acharya Kapil Sharma is indeed an exceptional personality.